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Barcode poems by Kyle Flemmer
  • Barcode poems by Kyle Flemmer

    No.11 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Barcode Poems by Kyle Flemmer, Canada.

    This book contains 22 barcode poems and two printer’s summaries.


    Kyle’s statement: “Riffing on company slogans, song lyrics, protest chants, and writing advice, Barcode Poems takes up the complicated relationship between art and commerce. Though made on a 1940 Remington Rand Deluxe Model 5 typewriter, these poems masquerade as the hallmark of digitized consumerism—barcodes—to playfully critique the paradox of creativity under capitalism. Each poem comprises a 38-space line repeated fourteen times and appended with a unique serial number representing the poem’s character quantity and order in the sequence.”

    This edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited and printed by psw and jointly published together with Timglaset Editions, Sweden.


    Printed on my Gestetner 160 mimeograph.

    Hand-bound edition of 45 copies of which 27 are for sale, 50 pages, 21x28cm landscape size, July 2021.



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