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Dioram by Kevin Stebner
  • Dioram by Kevin Stebner

    No.10 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Dioram by Kevin Stebner, Canada.


    This book contains 20 typewriter drawings and a printer’s summary.


    Kevin’s statement: “Dioram as a collection seeks to explore a type of model making, juxtaposing structural playsets with impossible objects. Still focused on my preoccupation with stereopsis and dimensional exploration seeking to find ways of delving into the z-plane through the rise and yaw in the page in playful planar forms. The forms and patterns in this collection seeks to give the reader an almost distant and benevolent observer POV over a force of potential constructions.” 


    This edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published together with Timglaset Editions.


    Printed on my Gestetner 320 mimeograph, Handbound edition of 70 copies, 44 pages, 28x21cm landscape size, May 2021.

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