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Passages by Ilse Garnier
  • Passages by Ilse Garnier

    No. 8 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Passages by Ilse Garnier, France & Germany.


    This book contains 18 typewriter drawings, an introduction by Eugen Gomringer and a printer’s summary.


    “... But the vowel, to which our undivided interest is focused here, becomes particularly significant in the sequence of »Passages« (also 1981), which find a good translation in the German word »Übergänge« (transitions). For here we are dealing with transitions, sheet after sheet, from »nuit« to »lumiére« and also vice versa: from night to light, from light to night. The lyrical play is unfortunately not possible in German. Ilse Garnier connects the two words with the »i« and – more than that – creates the transition from night to light in several variations. She makes use of the straight ray that arrows the »i« from one position to the other, the closed circle that places the »i« in a circle, and the large open circle that makes the »i« all the more »spatial poetic«. ...” (Eugen Gomringer, 2002)


    The first edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published together with Timglaset Editions, February 2021.

    The second edition of TYPEWRITTEN series is edited and published by psw, February 2023.


    Printed on my Gestetner 320 mimeograph, handbound second edition of 40 copies, 49 pages, 28x21cm size.



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