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ToCall No. 16
  • ToCall No. 16

    ToCall No.16 - the CRISES issue featuring works by 20 + 35 artists and poets.


    Everything is crisis all around the world - it unsettles, paralyzes and makes fear of the future. This issue contains contributions on how to perceive, identify and transform these crises.

    In response to my call, I received many more submissions than I can print in a single issue. But because it's so important to be and stay connected in times of crises, I've decided to publish all the submissions this time: So there's an additional online edition this time:


    The one-word poem on the cover is made by psw.


    The magazine is printed with my mimeograph duplicators Gestetner 320 and Gestetner 160 on old typewriter paper made in GDR.

    Mimeo printed edition of 130 copies, 02/2022.


    list of contributors of ToCall magazine

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