Typing (Not Writing) by Marianne Holm Hansen
  • Typing (Not Writing) by Marianne Holm Hansen

    No.4 of the TYPEWRITTEN series: Typing (Not Writing) by Marianne Holm Hansen, UK.


    This book contains 21 typings, and a printer’s summary page.


    Marianne’ statement: “TYPING (Not Writing) is an evolving series of typewritten notes: immediate, responsive, repetitive and [perhaps, somewhat] materialising a futile but doggedly persistent desire to pin down [or pindown], define, know, hold in place, and/ or identify literal meaning and exact expression, even when, or especially when, none exists.”


    Printed on my Gestetner 320 mimeograph, Handbound edition of 45 copies of which 29 are for sale, 40 pages, size 28x21cm. 


The TYPEWRITTEN series is edited by psw and published together with Timglaset Editions.